Meet MYStartup Mentors

Ecosystem Specialists

Rafiq Sharman Bin Khamis Roslee

Founder & Manager, RAXBIT

Specialty : Mobile App Development, Games Development, Digital Marketing, IR4.0

Hana Yazmeen binti Hapiz

Head of Unit, Ignite Venture Lab, UMK

Specialty : Pitching and Market Access

Lorna Timbah

Automattic, Inc.

Specialty : Web development at scale, WordPress, dev / technical workflows

Maznuddin Zainuddin

IT Solution, TM

Specialty : Pitching, story telling and value add

Lee Daqing

Senior Partner Development Manager / AWS MY

Specialty : Business Case / Go-To-Market / Pitching

Angel Low

Principal at The Hive Southeast Asia

Specialty : Pre-Fundraising Planning / Post- Fundraising Planning / Dataroom Preparation / Go-To-Market

Tevanraj Elengoe

Software Architect @ CTOS

Specialty : Pitching Deck, Go To Market, Technology Advise, Technical Advise, Growth and Scale

Heislyc Loh

Founder & CEO of Devs Asia​

Specialty : Startups, Entrepreneurship, Training

Mohd Hafiz bin Safie

CEO, Sparadise

Specialty : Product Development / UI/UX

Wan Imran

Co-founder, Fuller Academy

Specialty : Biz Strat/BD/Pitching/ESG/Impact

Fahmi Azril Abu Said

Head, Technology Accelerator Program

Specialty : Corporate Venturing

Muhammad Fikri Ashraf Bin Abdullah Hasin

CEO, Mirnaceuticals Sdn Bhd

Specialty : Innovation Management and Business Strategy

Michelle Lee Tzer Ping

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Fuller Academy

Specialty : Business Strategy, Business Development, Go-To-Market, Operations, Marketing, Sustainability

Naqkhaie Jaznin Jalaludin


Specialty : Business Development / Pitching

Nur Fareisha

Freelance Project Management Consultant/ Former HR Tech Senior Mgr Accenture

Specialty : Project Management & Deployment/ Pitching

Domain Specialists from PETRONAS

Azad Bin Johari

Executive (Software Engineering), PETRONAS

Specialty : Solution Architect, PS#1 to #3

Bryan Dewitt

Solutions Architect & Chapter Lead for HSSE , PETRONAS DIGITAL

Specialty : Architecture

Lisa Chan

Head of Software Engineering and Testing , PETRONAS Digital

Specialty : Domain Expert for all the problem statements. Can also provide tips on pitching

Jas & Angeline

Product Manager & Executive

Specialty : Problem Statement 3

Bob Jalius

Executive (Sofware Engineering), Petronas Digital Sdn Bhd

Specialty : Problem Statement (Domain)

Tan Meng Siang

Software Engineer, PETRONAS Digital Sdn Bhd

Specialty : Solution Design

Ahmad Aizuddin

Solutions Architect, PETRONAS

Specialty : Backend, Frontend, Product Market Fit, Pitching

Previous MYHackathon Winners

Lavindar Singh Jay

Co-Founder, Satok Bridge Digital Sdn Bhd

Specialty : Pitching/Solution Architect/Tell Story/Sell

Ahmad Athif Mohd Faudzi


Specialty : Prototype development, POC

Ir. Dzulfarqeish Bin Zainuddin

CEO, Jazro Robotic Academy

Specialty : Presentation, Pitching, Brainstorming & Motivation

Fong Yit Meng

Director of Pasarkita Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Specialty : Go-To-Market

Mohd Nazrul Hazeri B Nazirmuddin

Co-Founder, Kapitani

Specialty : Problem-Solution Fit / Venture Team Building